Educational Lightboards

How we started

Educational Lightboards by ozlocka are a creation born from the need to provide interactive, engaging online learning for all ages by all teachers and educational providers. Ozlocka Industries can fabricate and create just about anything, but with a background in education, the need arose to offer an innovative solution to teaching during a time of remote learning and beyond.

How they work

Featuring a lightweight, scratch-resistant aluminum frame, carry handle and built-in legs, the Educational Lighboards by Ozlocka can be taken anywhere, anytime. This must-have educational tool is made with low-iron glass which makes it clear, crisp and safe to use. 


Educational Lightboards come with everything you need to get started!

Simply plug in, dim the lights and with the help of neon markers, you are ready to present a creative, innovative and interactive lesson or presentation.


Educational Lightboards work in conjunction with your laptop, tablet, camera or smartphone to record your lesson, mirror-reverse and publish or stream to your classroom screen.

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